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Newcastle Hand Therapy offer specialised treatment for hand and upper limb pathology in a private clinic. We are an occupational therapist owned practice and have a good relationship with local GPs, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthopaedic surgeons and hand surgeons.


Casting and Splinting

  • Waterproof casts
  • Custom made thermoplastic splints
  • Custom neoprene finger and thumb splints
  • Pre-made soft wrist splints for problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome are available. Advice on appropriate braces and splints available on the market is also available.


Assessment and treatment

  • Assessment and treatment of upper limb trauma including sporting injuries dislocations and sprains
  • Post-surgical hand and upper limb management
  • Treatment of all upper limb fractures post surgical or conservatively
  • Assessment, treatment and advice on chronic hand injuries or hand pain
  • Wound care and instruction and supplies for dressing changes ad home management
  • Assessment and treatment of hand and upper limb pain conditions such as CRPS
  • Assessment and treatment of upper limb nerve injuries
  • Hand writing Assessment



Newcastle Hand Therapy makes every effort to accommodate acute injuries requiring immediate care. Examples are common injuries such as weekend sports fractures / dislocations / sprains and strains requiring appropriate immobilization and guidance or work injuries which require splinting, casting or assessment.